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Introducing CapaCare AirPurify by Caparol.

Drastically reduce formaldehyde emissions
ensuring you can breathe easy, all day & all night.

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How does CapaCare AirPurify protect your home & family from formaldehyde?

Our paint is quite advanced, and uses special Formaldehyde Conversion Technology (FCT) that turns harmful formaldehyde
into harmless water vapour.

It’s so effective in fact, it reduces formaldehyde emissions by
up to 68% in the first 24 hours.

It also has some other clever tricks up its sleeve.

Anti-bacterial &
Very durable &
easy to clean
Can be applied anywhere indoor

Should you be concerned about formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen.

The exposure to which can lead to difficulties in breathing, eye redness,
skin irritation and potential fatalities in the long run.

Formaldehyde is causing the highest concern
while assessing indoor air quality.

The number of sources of formaldehyde within the indoor environment is what makes the issue even more serious and defining.

Common sources of formaldehyde in your home.

Wood products
Building materials & insulation
Glues, fabrics, and paper
Medicines, cosmetics,
& dishwashing liquids
Fertilizers & pesticides
Gas stoves & cigarette smoke

Where can you apply CapaCare AirPurify?

Learn more about Caparol.

Caparol Paints is a German born, family company that truly cares about beautiful living spaces.

Creating beautiful paint was only the first step. We wanted to offer more. In fact, we’ve spent the last 120 years challenging this concept.

By continuously researching
and innovating, our paints continue to protect the environment and countless families across the globe.

Let Caparol do
the same for you. 


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